WV’s Birthday KSF-June 18, 2017

After the hike, club members enjoyed a live concert  and watermelon which was provided by the Kanawha Forest Foundation.  Thank you Sharon for providing the pictures.




Eleanor City Park-April 30, 2017

We had to shorten the hike a little because it was an unusually hot and humid day .  The month of April brought extreme warm and cold weather so the hikers had difficulty adjusting to the temperature extremes.  After a challenging hike, it was nice to be served cold drinks and refreshing fruits which were provided by Sharon.  We can thank Roger for leading the hike.




Little Creek Park -April 23, 2017

This was an optional hike which consisted of a four mile hike or a three mile hike.  Most of the hikers chose the shorter three mile hike.  Along the trail there were several wild flowers in bloom for hikers to enjoy viewing  Please notice  the pictures of the Jack-in-the-Pulpits which were taken by Sharon.




Wallace-Hartman Work Party-April 8, 2017

The Wallace -Hartman Hike has become very popular in the last three years with club members and the general public.  We must give credit to all the volunteers who participated in the maintenance of the trail and give credit to Roger who submitted the pictures.



Huntington Museum of Art trails and Ritter Park-March 26, 2017

We thought that the rain would hold out until after the hike.  However, the rain had a mind of its own and we had to hike in a heavy down pour during the last ten minutes of our hike.  Please notice the pictures of the stone art  which were located along the trail.  Several of the hikers had dinner at Nawab Indian Cuisine.  Good food and good company after a hike make the day better.







Babcock State Park-March 19, 2017

As you can see in the group picture, our hikers were prepared for possible rain.  The Babcock Mill appears to have an abundance of water flowing by the water wheel and the skies look grey.  Fortunately, the rain held back and everybody enjoyed the hike.  We can thank Coleen for the pictures and Barb and Christy for leading the hike.




Kanawha Trace Frazier’s Bottom-March 5,2017

This was an unusual warm, sunny, Sunday hike.  Please notice  the bird eggs and the lightly clothed hikers.  It is nice to enjoy a spring like hike at  the beginning of March.  Thank you Rose and Roger for the beautiful pictures and Lois for leading the hike.